Franklin County Rehab Center

Franklin County Rehab Center

Where quality of care is a way of life.
Philosophy of Care
The friendly staff at Franklin County Rehabilitation treats our patients, employees, and friends with the honor and respect they deserve. We foster an environment of enrichment where residents can heal quickly and maintain the optimum level of function physically, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, socially and educationally.

We will motivate each person to live each day to its fullest and give the hope and desire to live yet another day. We will administer safe, correct quality care in an atmosphere filled with warmth, friendliness and reassurance.

With courteous and attentive treatment, we will inspire and encourage each person toward the desire to improve.

We will make each person feel wanted, needed, respected and admired, assured that he/she is our most important concern.

We are committed to practicing our business in an ethical manner whereby rules, regulations, and compliance with such is priority. We will promptly, completely and accurately follow all orders and directives of the physicians.

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110 Fairfax Road
St. Albans, VT
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